Regular meetings are held every month except in July and December. Board of Directors meetings are held about four times a year or near each quarter. Meetings are for the membership, and potential new members are welcome to attend.


WHERE: Greene Hills Camp (Manor building), Barree, Pennsylvania.

WHEN: On the second Sunday of the month at 7:00PM.




Due to WNS (White Nose Syndrome) bat disease and the NFWS voluntary restraint on caving activities, the HCCH BOD has changed the 2010 meeting schedule.

There will be only four meetings this year at the regular meeting location and time normally set. Meetings will take place in January, April, August and November, 2010.



With reference to WNS and caving by the HCCH

(As approved by the HCCH/BOD 4/20/09)



The HCCH will follow the mandates of the NSS in regard to that of Tytoona Cave.  Caves, which are currently managed with winter closures for hibernation of bats (such as Ruth, Blue Hole and Seawra, etc.); will remain closed for the summer of 2009 due to WNS. 


The status of all other caves (such as Hipple, Field Trip, Kooken, Little Pit, States, Replogle, Flemings, etc.) will be managed on a case-by-case basis, and may change as information or research become available. 


As always, the wishes of each landowner will also be considered in the closure or openness of any cave.



Derek Flaig

(Chair HCCH)